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Fight For Your Rights. Secure Income. Restore Dignity.
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Appealing Your Disability Case To Federal Court

Last updated on August 7, 2023

Once you have exhausted all remedies within the Social Security Administration, the last hope is appealing your disability claim to federal court. You need an attorney who is well-versed in both Social Security law and federal court procedure.

The lawyers of Spector and Lenz, PC, have decades of experience in disability law and experience in federal court litigation. We have helped clients across the U.S. finally obtain disability benefits after being turned down at every stage. Our firm regularly gets referrals from other attorneys who are familiar with our reputation in this complex arena. We handle federal litigation of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as well as private disability insurance claims.

One Final Shot At Your SSDI Disability Benefits

Federal court is the last resort after all channels of the Social Security Administration (SSA) process. This process includes:

  • Initial claim – More than two-thirds of all applicants are rejected by SSA on the first round.
  • Reconsideration – You have the automatic right to a “second opinion” review by SSA, along with any new medical documentation.
  • ALJ hearing – This is your opportunity to convince an administrative law judge that your condition prevents you from working.
  • Appeals Council – If the judge rules against you, you can appeal to this panel of judges. The Council can grant benefits, uphold the denial, or send your case back for a re-hearing.

Our lawyers can help you file for federal review after you have been denied benefits at all four stages. This is not a new trial or hearing. A District Court judge reviews your file for legal and factual errors. It is rare for federal judges to reverse ALJ or Appeals Council decisions outright, but they commonly remand (send back) cases for review of specific aspects. For example, the court might say that your physician’s medical opinion was improperly dismissed, or that your credibility was improperly assessed, or that material evidence was not evaluated.

Does Your Case Merit Federal Review?

Few attorneys are willing to take SSDI cases to the federal level. The process is legally complex and the overall odds are low. Spector and Lenz has the right experience to give you the best possible chance of success. If you believe you have a strong case for disability, we will examine the merits in a free initial consultation and give our honest assessment of continuing the fight in federal court.

We are an established, woman-owned law firm. We charge no attorney fees unless we secure SSDI benefits for you. Call us at 312-815-5231 or contact us online. Se habla español.