Social Security benefits increased in January 2021
Social Security benefits increased in January 2021
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Social Security benefits increased in January 2021

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income

Individuals in Illinois who receive Social Security benefits saw an increase of 1.3% at the beginning of 2021. Federal law requires reassessment annually based on the cost-of-living determination at the federal level. The increase is also applied to those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits as well as those receiving Supplemental Security Income in addition to recipients of Social Security Retirement benefits. When all recipients are totaled, they are well in excess of 20% of the U.S. population.

Why SSI is so restricted

Individuals who are approved for SSDI before age 66 (67 for those born in or after 1960) have accumulated enough Social Security tax credits on their record based and enough credits in the 10 years preceding the onset of disability with fewer required for young workers. Those who do not contribute to Social Security will only be eligible for SSI unless they are disqualified by income or resources. SSI eligibility is determined by income and by personal assets, including those of spouses for married couples, and many cannot qualify for reasons such as owning too many vehicles or multiple real estate holdings. The personal asset level for SSI qualification is $2000, $3000 for a married couple, and all recipients can own one home and one dependable vehicle.

Do you qualify for disability?

While there are many people throughout the United States who receive disability benefits, many require assistance from an experienced SSDI/SSI attorney. The rules can be complicated, and legal assistance in proving the claim is often instrumental to approval.