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What is a compassionate allowance?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security Administration offers several disability benefits programs to men, women and children who suffer from disabilities that meet the organization’s definition of disabled. The process of securing disability benefits can be complicated and can take time. For these reasons, some Chicago residents choose to seek the help and counsel of trusted disability benefits attorneys to guide them through the application process.

There are some ways, though, to streamline the disability benefits application steps. One way is to claim as a grounds for benefits a disease or disorder that falls on the Social Security Administration’s compassionate allowance list. This post will discuss compassionate allowances, what they are, and what having one can do to requirements a person must fulfill to secure needed disability support from the Social Security Administration.

The compassionate allowances list

The Social Security Administration maintains a list of compassionate allowance disorders and diseases. The list is extensive and covers many kinds of cancers, serious disorders, and other ailments. When a disease falls on the compassionate allowance list, it opens the door for a disability benefits application a little wider to the individual suffering from the condition.

A quicker application process

The reason that it is faster to apply for Social Security disability benefits based on a compassionate allowance disorder is because the listed ailments are recognized as disabilities. If a person has evidence to show that they have one of the included disorders, they do not have to go through the lengthy process of proving that their condition is truly a disabling one. Having a compassionate allowance ailment is evidence enough to secure disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

One thing to know about the list, however, is that it is always growing. The Social Security Administration allows individuals to contact them to consider adding diseases and disorders to the compassionate allowance list. A person should know that even if their serious ailment is not on the list, it may be possible to petition to have it added moving forward.

A disabling condition can keep a Chicago resident from staying in their job and earning the pay they need to support themselves and their family members. It can impact their physical, mental and financial health. Disabled workers have options, though, and the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits programs may be able to help. To learn more about one’s options for Social Security disability benefits and possible options from the compassionate allowance list, readers can reach out to their trusted local Social Security disability benefits lawyers.