Fight For Your Rights. Secure Income. Restore Dignity.
Photo of Professionals at Spector and Lenz, PC
Fight For Your Rights. Secure Income. Restore Dignity.
Photo of Professionals at Spector and Lenz, PC

The Application Checklist

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S and L Application Checklist (pdf)

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Application Checklist

This is information you will need not only for the application, but also to bring to your Spector and Lenz appointment.

  1. Date of Birth and Place of Birth
    • Note if you were born outside the U.S.
  2. Medications
    • Bring a list of your current medications, including dose and frequency
    • List major side effects of each medication
  3. Doctors
    • List of your doctors’ names, phone numbers, hospitals
      Anyone else you have seen for medical care: physical therapy, psychologist, chiropractor, etc.
  4. Conditions
    • Draw up a complete list of conditions including stroke, heart attack, allergies
  5. Work
    • The exact date you last worked (not fired, not quit, not after FMLA)
      Last date of work
  6. Medicaid Number
    • If applicable, start and end dates
  7. Workers compensation
    • List for each claim
    • What claim was filed for
    • When filed
    • When settled
    • Amount of settlement
  8. Current health insurance:
    • Plan name and your plan ID number (bring card)
    • Start and end dates with current employer
    • Start and end dates for your group health insurance plan
  9. Marriage and divorce status
    • Name of current spouse, date of birth, and Social Security number
    • Name of prior spouse
    • Beginning and ending dates of marriage(s)
    • Place of marriage(s) (city, state)
  10. Names and DOB of children who are:
    • Under age 18 and unmarried
    • Aged 18–19 and attending high school full time
    • Who became disabled before age 22
  11. Military Service
    • Type of duty and branch
    • Service period dates
  12. Employer details
  13. Self-employment details
    • For current year and prior two years
    • Business type
    • Total net income from self-employment
  14. Direct deposit
    • Account type and number
    • Bank routing number


S and L Application Checklist (pdf)

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